Winter Ready

Transferring Winter Fashions to Your Home

Winter is upon us, and for most of us, that means getting out the winter woollies. Jayne Morgan from The Finishing Touches looks at how we can transfer Winter fashion trends to our homes and how this winterising can often lead to a successful sale. We can learn a lot from winter fashion trends when it comes to our homes. Fashion on the high street can often lead to fashions in our interiors. So how are you going to dress for winter, and how can we reflect this winter look in our homes?

Cosy wins every time

If you look at what’s hot in fashion for our coldest season right now, you’ll see knitwear galore! I’m talking mega knits! Oversized knitted jerseys, endless layers and cosy accessories – there’s no limit to the look with knitwear this winter. 

We can transfer this look to our homes by using cosy blankets over sofas or adding thick rugs. Warm, thick and textured rugs are a great way to give an aspect of warmth to the home and will make it all the more welcoming. Knitted cushions are another great way to amp up the cosy feel. Good quality thick curtains can also instantly add cosiness and elegance to a home, as well as provide excellent insulation and exclude drafts.

Be a bit bling

We’ve been a bit cooped up with the pandemic recently, so now is the time for a big shift in showing off our best-dressed selves. I’m seeing lots of sequined, glittery and shimmery dresses in the shops at the moment, which is a great way to celebrate the ‘party’ side of life.

This look can be recreated at home by adding glittery, textured cushions or sparkly lamps or throws. Room sprays or diffusers can also add an uplifting feeling to the room so that you as the homeowner, or potential purchaser, can get a real sense that the home has a positive vibe.

It’s all about feeling

Just as we do our official seasonal wardrobe changeover where we swap out our summer dresses for winter coats and knits, we can also do the same for our homes. 

With the winter season, we want to create the feeling of warmth. A quick and relatively simple job that can make a big difference is to paint the walls. I always advise my clients to use warm neutral colours that appeal to most people. I would steer away from the pale blues and instead choose the deeper warm and soft creams, golds/oranges and beiges.

Fix it up

As we pull out our winter coats and boots, this is a great time to fix up any missing buttons or just give them a good dry-clean, ready for the season ahead. The same is true for our homes.

Wintertime is when a lot of the problems of a home can become more noticeable. Fixing any visible problems is an important part of a home staging process, and I also encourage vendors to change all of their light bulbs to a warm white hue rather that the cool bulbs we use in summer.

We specialise in bringing style and flair to the home, so your buyers will want to make it their own.

– Jayne Morgan, Home Staging Specialist