Why use a staging company?

The short answer to this question is that we love a SOLD sign just as much as you do! We want to prepare your home for sale in such a way that you maximise its true market potential. Here are some key reasons we can bring you even greater success when selling your home.

What is home staging?

Home staging is the art of preparing your house or property for sale so that the value of the home is maximised and you create great buyer appeal. We are masters in creating that favourable first impression. We want your home to feel welcoming, fresh and spacious so buyers will fall in love with what you have to offer.

Make a difference

Potential buyers need to be able to imagine that they are already living in your property. We do everything we can to make that happen: from decluttering, depersonalising, and re-arranging furniture to bringing in new items. Because The Finishing Touches has no prior connection to your property, we can show you with a fresh pair of eyes what potential buyers are noticing that you are not.

Get the result you want

We pay particular attention to the style of your home – we are not a cookie-cutter operation! We use quality items of furniture with a classic-style base, and we work with colours that will complement your existing home. And if it’s not quite right, we listen to you and make changes.

Notice the difference

Our clients are over the moon with what we do. We’re reliable, we listen, and we want you to have a great outcome with your sale. One typical client recently achieved a 10 per cent increase on her expected sale price that she puts down to the home staging. “You’ve done this home justice,” she wrote in a text to me. “It’s a great style, and all was much appreciated.”

We specialise in bringing style and flair to your home, so your buyers will want to make it their own.

PS: Remember, a property that looks ready to move into will help motivate buyers to offer the best price as they can see that it will receive lots of interest. Give me a call for more info.

– Jayne Morgan, Home Staging Specialist