Why Choose us to Stage Your Home?

What makes The Finishing Touches the right choice to showcase your home? It’s a simple formula, really: We’re approachable and friendly, we listen, and we work closely with you and your agent so you can see that SOLD sign go up.


This sounds obvious, but unfortunately, not everyone does what they say they will. For us, being dependable is very important because we know you have a lot on your plate when selling a property. So, we’ll return your calls, turn up on time and keep our promises.


To maximise the appeal of a home for sale, careful furnishing and styling choices make all the difference. Our process is to meet with you (and your real estate agent if you wish) at the house and go room to room to measure and get a feel for the space and style of the home. We’ll talk through the options and note the features you want to play up or play down. From there, we work with you to make a plan.

Part of the Team

It’s crucial that the staging is consistent with the marketing plan for your property. We see ourselves as part of the team with you and your agent, working towards that all-important sale. If you want to turn an office into a bedroom or create a second living space to show off the home’s potential, that’s where we come in to bring it to life and show buyers what’s possible.


We offer a full-staging service, or we can work with your existing furniture to top dress and smarten things up. Whatever your needs, we’re happy to chat and come up with a plan that suits what you’re trying to achieve.

How does the process work?

Here are the basic steps of how we do things:

1. We get a call from a homeowner or real estate salesperson. We visit the house and take photos, notes and measurements.

2. We confirm costs and dates. The homeowner approves.

3. I plan the furniture package and layout to best suit the space and tag the items to complement the property perfectly. (This is a tailored process for each home).

4. We install. The staged home is ready for real estate photography and listing for sale.

5. When the hire period ends (and the house is sold!), we remove all the furnishings and return them to the warehouse, ready for their next assignment.

Our favourite thing is to see that SOLD sign go up. Give us a call, and let’s see how we can help you achieve your goals.

Jayne Morgan
Home Staging Specialist