What’s wrong with my furniture?

Nothing. Your individual style and those special pieces of furniture and décor are what makes your home yours. But when it comes to selling a property, it is often best to make changes to broaden the appeal of your home so you can interest as many buyers as possible – and get a great result.

Keeping it classic

There’s a story I often tell about a beautiful heritage home going on the market after many years in the same family. I visited the property to assess and quote for staging and I was blown away by the incredible collection of high-quality antiques amassed with love over the years.

The homeowner asked me if she should leave the furniture in place or remove it. As much as I personally loved the interiors, I know from years of experience that broad appeal is best when trying to sell. In the end, we removed the furnishings and staged the home to give it a more classic, neutral look, helping to draw in as many buyers (with different tastes) as possible.

Fuel the imagination

When buyers look for a house, they are using their imagination to anticipate what living there will be like. Anything that gets in the way of their view of the future will limit interest in the property. For example, an empty house will feel cold and sterile, and a cluttered house will feel small. Home staging done well enhances the home, so it feels modern and inviting, and helps viewers to see the possibilities of the spaces.

Give us a call, and let’s see how we can help you achieve your goals.

PS: I am always happy to chat about how we can help make your home shine! And our Frequently Asked Questions page has even more answers about our tailored home staging service.

– Jayne Morgan, Home Staging Specialist