Warming up for Autumn

Jayne Morgan from The Finishing Touches shares her insights into the latest autumn interior trends and offers practical ways we can ensure we are ahead of the emerging design trends. 

Our homes are always an evolving mix of all the things we love. And with the passing of the seasons, we also let go of certain items or styles to make way for new updates and items that delight us.

So rather than a total (costly and sometimes overwhelming) renovation, we can repurpose, recycle and refresh our spaces with ease and grace. 

Autumn can be Awesome!

Autumn is the perfect time to embrace more colour, more patterns, and find joy in the unexpected. Our world may feel a little closed this Autumn, so now more than ever is a time to be more expressive and emotional in our home living. We can do this by connecting with loved ones and allowing ourselves some time to get creative with our interior projects. It’s about celebrating what’s important to you and your friends and family.

Be Bold with Colour

Colour can change our feelings in a heartbeat. They have a massive impact on our mood. So, think about what colours speak to you and get adventurous with different hues. A significant new trend is to drench one entire wall in one colour by painting it the same shade, creating a seamless and immersive feeling of cosiness.

For rooms we don’t frequent that often, or if you’re feeling fearless, go wild with a bright colour, and adopt the technique of colour blocking, where you paint walls, skirting boards, woodwork and even furniture and accessories the same colour to create a cave of colour that really reflects your personality.

Textured Fabrics

The aim behind this trend is to cosy up the home as much as possible, particularly given we are spending more and more time at home right now. There are so many different textures out there to explore and experiment with. My personal favourites are anything natural: wool, linen, tweed, or corduroy.

Re-covering an old Ottoman with a piece of linen fabric, for instance, can create a statement piece of furniture. As sustainability continues to be at the forefront of our minds and given that supply issues continue to hold up stock, it’s the perfect opportunity to search the op shops for furniture items to recycle and re-imagine.

Bring out the Bar!

This trend of bringing the drinks bar to your home may be a throwback to the seventies, but it’s a fun one to play with. Ever since the first lockdown, people have been getting creative about re-purposing spaces in their homes into adult entertainment spaces.

Think drinks trolleys, tinted glassware, and beer fridges. Yes, it’s a nod to bygone eras, but it’s items like these that evoke the past and bring a sense of nostalgia to your space.

By all means, use these ideas as inspiration for your own interior design projects. Remember to keep things consistent with your overall style, and most important of all: enjoy the process. With winter just around the corner, this is a time to look inwards, so take this time to show yourself some love.