Time for an Autumn look for your house?​

At The Finishing Touches Home Staging & Presentation, we simply love Autumn in Christchurch.

We love its dusky light and mellow tones, and the patchwork look of the trees as they get ready for winter’s brrrrr. It’s a lovely time of colour and change.

If you’re trying to sell your home and looking for an edge, or a real estate agent wanting to go that extra mile for your client, we can help you bring an on-trend, stylish charming Autumn look to your property.

home styling

There’s plenty going on in the property market right now and we’ve got plenty of great looks in our warehouse to match.

Cushions, throws and accessories in mellow Autumn tones
…like nutmeg and cream – the perfect match for dried floral arrangements.
Dial up the heat by adding paprikas and plums to neutral textures, a great range of gorgeous silk flowers or bright and funky accessories if you want to go for a contrasting look.

We do full or partial home staging (top dressing option available), so give us a call to tap into our gorgeous Autumn range.