The Finishing Touch is the ‘personal touch’

It’s easy enough to see why home staging works and, for that matter to find one in Christchurch, but it’s the personal touches that distinguish The Finishing Touches from the rest.

The Finishing Touches’ Jayne Morgan makes it her personal mission to make every property look and feel like a home.

“Whether it’s prepping for sale, or rental, old, new or in-between, every place has its own style, and that’s what I tap into.”

“I take pride in putting some of myself (and my interior design experience) into every property we stage.”

“This is my business, so my personal touch goes into that. If someone rings up on a Wednesday and wants a home staged by Monday (which, by the way, is a very big ask), I am quick to respond – I’m there to try and meet my customers’ needs. AND I love it when a home sells, and sells well – that’s where my satisfaction comes from.”