Tailored home staging for every home

“But don’t you just drive up to a house and take things out of your van?”

That was the innocent question from an acquaintance last week. I’d been sharing how bustling the start of the year has been for The Finishing Touches. Then I mentioned how many trips to our warehouse we’d been making.

“You have a warehouse?”

Of course we do! It’s 300m2 and it’s full from floor to ceiling with quality furniture and products to make every home sing. It’s set out like a quartermaster’s store — dining tables and chairs together, couches and coffee tables in another spot, shelves of centrepieces, bowls and lamps, racks of artwork and mirrors. And more.

All orderly. All clean. All ready.

“You mean you don’t just use the same stuff in every home?”

I had to laugh (politely) at that one.

We would not achieve the results we do for vendors if we simply removed furniture from a house that’s been sold and installed every piece into the next listing. I shudder at the thought! Instead, my week is a juggle between art and logistics, between design and scheduling. 

Here’s what happens:

1. We get a call from a homeowner or real estate salesperson. We visit the house and take photos, notes and measurements.

2. We confirm costs and dates. The homeowner approves.

3. I plan the furniture package and layout to best suit the space and tag the items which will perfectly complement the property. (This is a tailored process for each home).

4. We install. The staged home is ready for real estate photography and listing for sale.

5. When the hire period ends, we remove all the furnishings and return them to the warehouse, ready for their next assignment.

“But what changes from house to house?”

The furniture that looks great in a new, contemporary home or apartment will look out of place in an older, character home.

New homes tend to have cleaner, uncluttered lines, and often a sense of simplicity. Compare that with the classic, cosy or rustic look an older home can embrace. And then there is interior colour schemes to contrast or complement.

This is why I’m glad I have an interior design qualification. This is why we have a vast range of quality products to choose from. This is why I visit every single home.

Your home is unique. How it’s staged should be unique, too.

PS: All these questions came from one coffee with a new friend. Our Frequently Asked Questions page has even more answers about our tailored home staging service.