Renewing your living space this Spring

Like a daffodil bloom reaching up to the first rays of spring sunshine, it’s time for your home to shake off the deep shades of winter and prepare for a season of fresh, vibrant living.

Bringing that sense of optimism and renewal to your living space may be easier than you think.

That’s what Jayne Morgan believes. As a qualified interior designer and leading home stager in Christchurch, Jayne spends her days furnishing and styling residential homes, preparing them for a potential purchaser to walk in and be instantly smitten.

Your home can generate that same positive reaction for you and your family.

Create a change in the mood of a room by transitioning the dusted brick and deep mahogany velvets of winter into the spring palette of yellows and neutrals. By focussing on key items and accessories, lifting the mood needn’t break the bank.

Here, the rich winter colours imbued luxury, warmth, and a sense of cosy, drawing you into the comforting familiarity of your personal space.

Then, in spring, bright yellows create a feeling of freshness, a desire to crack open the windows and make the most of the vibrant sunshine. Keep things clean and simple and remove the coverlet from the bed.

How can you bring that sense of optimism to your home this spring?

1. Declutter – Spring is a great time to get rid of any piles (paperwork, clothes, recycling, junk) that have accumulated over the winter months. Less is certainly more, and eliminating clutter makes a room feel spacious, light and airy.

2. Add colour – Light, soft colours work well, especially for smaller spaces. They help rooms look spacious and can be added to any home.

3. Scent –  Fresh flowers lift a room visually and also smell gorgeous.

home staging

Why yellow?

We have powerful psychological associations with the colour yellow and they resonate with the spring season – think kowhai, sunshine and fluffy little chickens. Yellow is the colour of happiness, optimism and creativity. It’s uplifting and illuminating, offering hope and enthusiasm.


One question Jayne is frequently asked is: what’s the hottest interior style this season? “I believe quality furniture and accessories are more impactful than the ebb and flow of seasonal trends,” Jayne explains, “but I can confirm that botanicals are delivering strong visual notes during 2020.”

Connecting our inside spaces with the outdoors brings an ambiance that is soothing and restful – perfect for today’s chaotic world. A tonal green palette connects us with nature, nurturing, and regenerating us.

The green doesn’t have to be designs of leaves and trees, either. In this lounge, the refreshing forest green is added with solid linens and repetitive patterns, the beautiful fabric sourced locally from Botany Linen.

“Lifestyle properties are particularly suited to bringing green inside the home,” says Jayne. “It helps draw your eyes to the surrounding property and natural view.”

modern home staging


One way to create balance and cohesion within your home is to add a similar colour to different areas of the house. Let’s see what that looks like:

In the bedroom, Jayne has introduced tones of mustard and yellow, plus lilies to bring nature’s soft touch into the room. The cushion fabric is a linen/viscose blend featuring dandelions in yellow and orange. The same fabric could also be used for the window coverings.

In the lounge, the related colours are enhanced by the gold, wood and natural materials. They work together with the mustard and yellow to help create a peaceful, let’s relax here feeling.

A deep yellow plate adds a splash of colour to a crisp monotone kitchen and sits well with the herbs. The same idea is seen in the bathroom, with textured mustard towels drawing the eye and a green plant softening the straight lines of the vanity and tiles.

stylish home staging
modern home staging

Where to begin?

The Finishing Touches Home Presentation and Interior Design help to show your property in its best possible light.

“We create favourable first impressions, making homes feel welcoming, fresh, and spacious.”  – Jayne Morgan, owner, and designer.