Outdoor styling made easy

Simple styling enhances outdoor spaces

Showing off your outdoor spaces is an essential part of dressing your home for sale. Our wide range of decorative neutrals create attractive outdoor rooms.

Forget the cushions. Keep your outdoor settings sleek and sophisticated to complement the tone set by your interior furnishings.

We favour wooden tables, white or black-moulded plastics in straight lines or generous curves, and modern wicker in natural brown or neutral grey.

Our expert interior (and exterior!) designers will suggest the best way to show-off your outdoor spaces to allow buyers to see the possibilities. Perhaps the space requires a small café table and chairs to create intimacy, a 6 seater dining table to show the entertaining possibilities or a lounge setting that suggests relaxation and casual get-togethers.

Whether you have a traditional or contemporary house for sale, our stylish range ensures that the property will always look great, rain or shine.