New Year New Home?

It’s the time of year when a lot of us think about the ‘big ticket’ items in our lives – our jobs, our relationships…our homes.

If you’ve decided it’s time for a move, or you’re a real estate agent with clients who are listing, the team at The Finishing Touches Home Staging & Presentation is here to help.

We’ve got the knowledge and skills to help maximise the look and feel of every property…and as such, help you get a better sale price.

The theme for January – de-clutter. When it comes to selling, less is more.

Jayne Morgan from The Finishing Touches has an expert eye, and she offers a range of services:

Jayne’s a professional interior designer so she can offer advice on how to show a property in the best possible light. She can suggest places where a smidge of de-cluttering might do the trick or a few simple touches to bring out the positives of the property.

Top Dressing
Jayne will work with the existing furniture and chattels, but use her specialised skills and knowledge, and provide on-trend accessories (rugs, cushions, flower arrangements) to enhance the look of the home.

Home Staging
We will fully furnish any property, in a range of styles to suit.
If you’re thinking of starting 2018 with a change, The Finishing Touches can help bring the ‘wow’ to your property.