New Year New interior

Now that many travel plans have been curtailed, you might be considering spending money to freshen up your home. So, is it time to think about what is hot this summer for styling your property? Maybe not – Jayne maintains that using quality furniture and accessories packs more punch for your home than diving headlong into fleeting seasonal trends. 

“That’s why we are big on natural fibres,” she explains. “They never go out of style and they bring a sense of simplicity and warmth to any room.” 

There are lots of ways to inject natural fibres into your chosen aesthetic: linens, sheepskins, knits for cushions and throws, weathered oak, even feathers. “And then there is brass and copper and bronze,” says Jayne. She finds the trio of metals to be classy additions to the look of your home, ideal to consider for tap fittings, light fittings, furniture, and accessories. 

“In the pictured example, we have placed bronze photo frames on an office desk of weathered oak and also incorporated some greenery. It’s a winning combination we would recommend for a character home which already has visible natural timber.” Greenery, a textured knit throw, an antique brass piece – all working together for a classy combination of visual interest.