Luxury neutrals to help you sell

Neutrals bring a sense of elegance and luxury to a home. They allow prospective buyers to visualise themselves in the space. I could live here, they think, isn’t this gorgeous.

We work to complement the colours clients have already introduced in their finishes, and with many homes putting in dark carpet and white walls, our neutrals lighten and soften a space.

Textures and soft colours; blush, pale blue and subtle ochre – a big feature this season – create a sense of calm and wellbeing. White and cream have their place too and can add simplicity and sophistication to a room.

Home Staging Neutrals

We have a huge range of cushions, throws, linen, art and accessories in neutral colours and are constantly on the lookout for other great neutral pieces that will complement our clients’ homes and add interest.

“I’m passionate about transforming homes into properties that buyers will make their own.”