Jayne’s ‘Big Three’ for Staging Any Home

When a potential buyer walks into a house, their head and heart are searching for reasons why, or why not, they should buy the property. To help persuade them your listing is right for them, here are the three home staging tips to consider before all others.

Keep it neutral.

Last month I explained how potential buyers need to ‘see themselves in a home’. That is made more difficult with too much colour on the walls or furnishings, colours that are too bold (think feature walls and highlights), and even too much fabric (small rooms can be overwhelmed by large curtains).

Keep it clear.

A cluttered house is distracting. Knickknacks, photo frames, too much furniture – anything which gives the impression that the house does not have enough space or storage will impact a quick sale.

You want your buyer to walk into the home and feel relaxed, calm. It’s not uncommon for me to advise home owners to lend some pieces of furniture to friends or put them into storage until the house is sold. By removing excess chairs, sofas, beds, toys and mementoes you’re helping the house present what it is capable of being for its new owners.

Keep it clean.

Up high, down low, surfaces, corners, fronts and backs. There are endless areas in a house which can gather dust, grime and marks. There may even be spots which the home owner has stopped noticing, yet they will be the first things an eagle-eyed visitor takes note of.

Keeping a property sparkling is a key step to successful home staging. If the thought of a thorough spring-clean is overwhelming for your home owner, bring in professional cleaners (I can recommend some) to give the house a top-to-bottom clean before you list for sale. Cleaners will be swift and have all the right equipment to clean the hard-to-reach, unpleasant places.

The right advice at the right time.

Bear in mind I’ve seen real estate agents suggest these tips to home owners, without success. Then I’ve got involved, made the exact same suggestions, and the home owner has rushed to complete each step. There’s a certain level of influence in being a specialist home stager. Let me help you achieve a speedy sale for your clients.

Got a house to sell?

Selling a home can be a big step. It might be an unfamiliar or scary thing for your clients. Staging a property for a quick sale is what I love to do, and it might be easier than you think.

For home owners there’s two options – either I can manage your complete home staging following [this simple process], or we can have an in-home consultation where I advise on what enhancements you can make yourself.


For real estate agents – check out my Before and After home staging photographs. Which house would you find easier and quicker to sell? I delight in working with your clients, helping them achieve their goal of selling, and selling well.