Jayne explains her home staging…

More and more agents, when they walk into a home I’ve staged for their vendor, are asking me Why did you do that?

So, instead of just showing you what I can do to a room, let me explain the magic behind how and why I stage homes the way I do.

An empty space is distracting

– your eyes are drawn to any scuffs, fading, or questionable style elements. In this photo you can see that the blue carpet makes the room feel dark, and the floor covering is faded in some areas. The empty space is dated by the colour of the walls, the rimu window reveals and door frame, plus the gold recessed downlights. The single wall light (above the fire) sticks out like a sore thumb.

home staging process

Abracadabra! I’ve waved my magic wand and now the room is helping a potential buyer to imagine themselves living in it.

home staging process

I started by laying down a white textured rug to lighten the space. Then I created a dynamic colour scheme by adding mustard: the cushions. This manipulates the colour of the room and draws out the grey in the carpet. Why the artwork? Because it gives the wall light a purpose and the painting’s blue/mustard tones also work to lighten the carpet.

The colour of the walls is now offset by including seating covered in natural linen. The modern rimu coffee table draws the eye from the older timber window reveals and door frame.

Finally, the room is balanced with the seating facing across the rug. Having the two lounge chairs on the left keeps the french doors (the all-important indoor/outdoor flow) easily accessible.

Which room would persuade you to buy the property?

Want to see more?

I have more than a dozen other before/after examples [here]. See if you can spot the distractions before you reveal the dressed room!