Home staging, web staging…whatever next?

When we’re home staging, your property is our ‘stage’ – we love to make it look as fabulous as possible and bring out the WOW in your place.

Well, our website is our digital ‘place’ and we decided it needed some more ‘wow’ factor too.

It always looked good, but The Finishing Touches’ Jayne Morgan decided it could look even better. And it does! Check it out our refreshed new website at: https://thefinishingtouches.co.nz

“I love this make-over. The look, style and special touches we bring to our home-staging is always changing and I wanted to hero more of that freshness and style on our site.”

“Come in for a look through our stunning portfolio gallery, which is my pride and joy. Look around, and you might find out some things about us you never knew before…for instance, did you know I can offer a Consultation Service, where I view your property and offer advice on ways to bring the best out in what you’ve already got? I also do Top Dressing where the bulk of the interior items are yours, but I add some finishing touches with throws, cushions and flowers from my own collection.”