Giving your home an uplift

We know how important first (and second) impressions are and the difference a beautifully dressed home makes, but people selling their home may think they don’t need staging or perhaps think it’s an unnecessary expense. An important tool to show vendors the difference home staging makes to the overall impression of a home are the all-important before and after photos.

Show clients why home staging works

If you’re working with a client who’s unsure if they need staging, help them see for themselves by showing them our extensive before and after photo gallery. The effect of tasteful furnishing and décor speaks for itself!

Pave the way to a great sale

When buyers look for a house, they are imagining what it will be like to live there. Anything that detracts from their vision of the future will limit interest in the property. For example, an empty house will feel cold and sterile, and a cluttered house will feel small. Home staging done well enhances the home, so it feels modern and inviting, and helps viewers to see the possibilities.

Style to suit

We can style any home from a cosy villa to an expansive super-modern home. We have a huge range of furnishing and items to choose from that bring out the best in any home and help achieve a great sale result. 

We are happy talk through staging options and work as a team with client and agent to get the best results.

PS: Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. It has even more answers about our tailored home staging service.

– Jayne Morgan, Home Staging Specialist