Fresh, swish, and ready for action

Back in January, I wrote that the new year felt like… 

“walking into a Christchurch property that has been treated to professional home staging – fresh, swish, ready for action.”

And despite the hiccup that is Covid-19, the housing market still feels that way. Our upbeat Canterbury (among other regions) property outlook is being described in articles like this as “astonishing.”


All this positivity got me thinking – if the agents I’m staging homes for are busy with listing and selling homes across the region, what can I do to help them?

The answer?

Make it even easier for agents and their vendors to tap into my skills and experience.

Behold! My sparkling new, easy to use website.

Why a refreshed website?

Because when you explain the benefits of home staging to your new vendor, you don’t want them to have a below-par online experience.

On the site you will find:


Your vendors can clearly see what their property could look like once it’s been staged, plus there are many persuasive ‘before and after’ examples.


Arranging a property to be staged is a simple 5-step process: assessment, quote, approval, installation and de-staging. It’s all laid out clearly for you and your vendor to discuss.


Articles and advice, helping you stay on top of what’s current in the interior design (remember, I’m a qualified interior designer – I just love it!) and home staging world.


From ‘Who is responsible for insurance of the staged furniture?’ too ‘What should I do with ugly curtains?’ this is your go-to page for that left-field question a vendor is bound to be thinking.


Don’t take my word for it – here’s where other agents, developers and homeowners have sung my praises. (Bit embarrassing, really).


Maybe we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, and you’re wondering “Who is this Jayne Morgan person and what does she do?” Well, here’s some details to fill in the blanks.


Phone, email, Facebook – when you want to book a staging or simply have a question, I’m very easy to reach.