Edging ahead of the rest

If you’re looking for that edge in a tight housing market, The Finishing Touches can help you find it.

There are plenty of mixed messages about the Christchurch housing market at the moment, but one thing is certain when it comes to selling, presentation is key. To get that competitive edge, and bring the ‘wow’ to your property, it’s all about home staging.

The Finishing Touches’ Jayne Morgan creates appealing looks for properties of any vintage, for sale, or rental.

“My goal is always to make it feel like a home. I love to use flashes of colour and fresh styles to bring that ‘x-factor’ to every individual property. My team and I get huge satisfaction out of knowing we have helped a property sell and sell better. We’re also enjoying a big increase in referral work lately and that’s the best testimonial you can get – a satisfied client referring your business to someone they know.”

Why is Home Staging so effective?

1. Nine out of ten people presented with an empty space cannot visualise their own furnishings within that space.

2. Un-Staged vacant homes typically take longer to sell and sell for less than staged properties.

3. Without staging any imperfections or unusual spaces are magnified.

4. Up to 90% of prospective homeowners begin their property search online. A stylishly presented property is more likely to result in those potential buyers taking the next step and arranging a viewing.