Do you need a lift?

When selling a home, first impressions are crucial. And in today’s market, where we’re being told the housing market is softening somewhat, it’s more important than ever to make sure the homes you are selling stand out from the crowd. So give yourself a lift and invest in our home staging services.

Visualising is key

Once the clutter is gone, the home has had a thorough deep clean, and the aesthetic changes have been made, it’s incredible how different a home can look. Without all the ‘noise’, potential buyers can visualise themselves living in the home and making it their own. And it’s emotional visualisation and imagination that so often gets the buyer over the line.

Before and after

Take this home, for example. An agent asked me to work our magic after the property had been sitting empty on the market for several weeks. Within days of the team decluttering, cleaning and depersonalising the home, as well as bringing in quality items of furniture and dressing the home, the house had four offers on it, and the vendor was delighted.

Online searching

It’s well known that staged homes sell faster. And they also sell for more than non-staged homes. Not only that, but the photos on the online listing also look enticing and create more interest right from the start. You’ll be making your life simpler and more profitable when you invest in home staging services.

Check out our website

And if you’re still not convinced, check out The Finishing Touches’ website for our Before and After Gallery. The exciting transformations and increased values that we have achieved for vendors shine through in this online collection of our before and after images. It’s an interactive service, where you get to see for yourself the transformation our property styling service achieved for these homes.

We specialise in bringing style and flair to the home, so your buyers will want to make it their own.

PS: Remember, a property that looks ready to move into will help motivate buyers to offer the best price as they can see that it will receive lots of interest. Give me a call to find out more.

– Jayne Morgan, Home Staging Specialist