Client…“But I don’t want it to look staged.”

I hear that quite often… Agents and homeowners know that presenting the home well is likely to result in a faster sale, for more money. Yet they sometimes hesitate, not wanting the property to look like it’s been filled from a run-of-the-mill furniture catalogue.

That’s why I’m careful to dress each home appropriately.

What is ‘appropriately’? Well, the style of the interior staging must work in harmony with the style of the construction. It has to suit.

For instance, the colour of the exterior cladding, roofing and joinery influences the colours which work inside the home.

Also, some older homes don’t always suit the latest in furniture trends. Pieces which work well in new city apartments and townhouses can look out of place in a spacious lifestyle
block property.

Every property is unique, and I plan each one accordingly, personalising the staging so that it feels welcoming, liveable, and loveable.

And I don’t scrimp on the quality of my items, no matter
the style.

Looking after the whole property

Part of my role is to get the property ‘photo-ready’. To help do that, I’ve teamed up with the lovely folk at Riteway Home Services to offer each new home staging client a complimentary lawn-mow. Of course, you can also arrange with them to give the garden a tidy or the letterbox a paint while they’re at it. Your listing photos will look fabulous!

Presenting the best look

When you list a property on the internet, the photos need to speak clearly about how awesome it will be to live in the home.

Rooms that look comfortable and outside spaces that feel welcoming are vital in presenting the home in the best light.