Before and After Home Staging

It can be overwhelming to think about refreshing the look of your home when it’s already full of mementos and furniture you’ve collected over the years. You may find it easier to start with an empty space, either physically (by removing as much as you can from a room) or at least mentally (by picturing the space bare). 

Not only does the combination of brown, beige, and white colours lack any sense of energy – they could even be described as boring – they make the room feel cold and a bit gloomy. This isn’t helped by the dark window joinery. The outdoor area is nice, so what can we do to accentuate that? 

In order to create a feeling of flow from the outdoor area to the inside space, we positioned the furniture to put the emphasis on the outdoors. The natural linen furniture coupled with a touch of wood bring a feeling of warmth into the room. We’ve added texture to the room with a white knit throw and white textured rug, which also serve to lighten the space. Finally, by adding a blue into the neutral colour story we’re complimenting the colours of the outside environment.