Artwork: front and centre

There are so many benefits to incorporating artwork into a home’s interiors. It instantly brings a touch of uniqueness to the home, and with careful choices, it can complement the colour palette. Artwork can also tie certain pieces together or create charm and character in the home.

What style suits?

I have a range of over 50 different artworks to style the homes that I work with. So it’s safe to say I’ve got a piece of artwork that will suit your space. From contemporary to traditional, from small to substantial, I know what works where.

Adding interest

When bringing artwork into your home, I think about how I can add interest to a room. Whether that’s bedrooms or entranceways, I love how paintings can transform bare walls and create a totally new feel to a home. I particularly love using large artworks in a space.

Use what’s there

I recognise that drilling more holes and adding more hooks may not be what you want. So by using existing hooks and my trusty 3M friend, I can create a look for all spaces. I use my art collection in all kinds of homes. So, whether you’ve got a character home or a modern architecturally designed place, I’ve got you covered.

Mirrors, too

And don’t underestimate the power of a good mirror! I like using mirrors to create the illusion of space. They’re great in entranceways and provide a feeling of opulence and grandeur that suits many rooms.