6 Tips for Using Rugs in Your Home

You could say that 2020 pulled the rug from under all of us. Well, this year it’s time to put the rug right back where it belongs – on your floor!

It’s no secret that I love rugs. Just like a great pair of shoes tops off an outfit, a great rug can turn a room from Ho-hum to Wow! Plus, they are a fun alternative to carpet, easy to move and change. But there are a few things to remember to get the most impact from them.

6 Tips for Using Rugs in Your Home

1. Be brave, go big

You’ll regret buying a rug that’s too small; it will look like an afterthought. Especially underneath a dining table, the rug needs to be large enough that when the chairs are pulled out, the chair legs remain on the rug. A handy rule of thumb for smaller rooms: the bigger the rug, the bigger the space will appear.

2. Define the space

A common design trend in homes today is open plan living, where previously separated rooms are combined, such as kitchen, living and dining areas. Placing a rug (or rugs) can help define each area within the greater space.

3. Connect the space

A long runner rug can lead your eye through a space. Imagine a hallway – a rug can add warmth and character to a commonly dull space, creating a visual pathway to draw your gaze towards the connecting the doorways.

4. Warm the space

Especially in rooms with a neutral colour palette, a bold or vibrant rug lets you easily bring a splash of warmth inside. And for darker, cooler feeling rooms, a white rug not only warms the space but also serves to brighten the room.

5. Go round

In key areas and entranceways, placing a round rug creates a sense of movement. Maybe that’s why TED talk presenters speak from a circular red rug?

6. Noise Control

If you have exposed timber or tiled floors, placing rugs are a great way to add much-needed noise absorption to the room.