2020 Home Staging

Can you feel it too? This year has kicked off with a sense of awesomeness that the ‘twenty-teens’ just didn’t seem to embrace. The new decade is simmering with opportunity, bold leaps, and swift house sales. Exciting!

To me, 2020 has the same sort of feeling as when you walk into a Christchurch property that has been treated to professional home staging – fresh, swish, ready for action. In contrast, an un-dressed or vacant property is missing the all-important ‘Pick me!’ vibe.

If you are like me and know that this year will be a cracker (and you want your property to sell promptly) then we should chat. Let’s together make 2020 one to remember!

Thank you, Jayne!

“I rang Jayne and within 48 hours I had my property staged and photographed. The furnishings flowed throughout the home with colour and flare: I had artwork on the walls and flower arrangements throughout. Within three weeks I had the property sold.”

– Happy Client Debra

Buyers need to see themselves in your home

It’s reported that if you present a group of ten people with an empty house, nine of those people cannot visualise their own furnishings inside the space.

This hurdle is overcome by home staging – 81% of potential home buyers (in the United States but expected to be the same in NZ) find it easier to imagine themselves living in a home that has been professionally staged.

Home Staging Christchurch
Home Staging Christchurch

Why is this important when you are selling your home? Because most real estate agents will confirm that purchasers are more likely to present a higher first offer on staged homes than one (of similar standard) that is un-staged or sitting empty.

So, if you want to sell your home for a higher price, we should talk!