Quality wins every time

Creating quality & style

One of the most important things a homeowner can do when presenting their house for sale is to invoke a feeling of home or possibility.

We see, and fall in love with, a lot of homes over the course of a year. What often attracts us is the ease we feel as we walk through a space, a sense of comfort and the feeling of being at home.

At the Finishing Touches, we bring all our expertise to bear to create a beautiful look tailored to fit the property. Whether styling a traditional or modern property, we thoughtfully curate each item to nurture this feeling called home.

Modern Luxe

This modern Halswell home needed its rooms shown off to best advantage. The clean white spaces lent themselves to more crisp white, with sage and fresh greens and greys to complement. Our careful arrangement of furniture and accessories lifted the space and created visual appeal.

Traditional Twist

In contrast, this traditional Cashmere home needed to be balanced to create more visual harmony. Industrial chic might not be your first thought, however, after careful consideration, we added just the right elements, softening the look in the bedrooms and lounge with mustard and plum colours.

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